I love Jane Austen’s novels.  Granted, they all follow the same basic formula:  young, single woman in 19th century England needs to marry well in order to secure her family’s future.  The scenes are usually set in the idyllic English countryside and/or the cities of Bath or London.  There is always much dancing, reading, socializing and very little actual work going on, except by the household staff.

 Nevertheless, I have read or seen all of the stories and still can’t seem to get enough.  To that end, I have reserved every Sunday night so far this year for “Masterpiece Theatre” on PBS.  For several weeks they are airing “The Complete Jane Austen” which includes adaptations of all the stories that she wrote.  So far they have aired “Persuasion,” “Northanger Abbey,” and “Mansfield Park.”  They are also airing an autobiographical episode about Jane Austen, herself.  Still to come include “Pride and Prejudice,” (the only version I will watch with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy) “Emma,” and “Sense and Sensibility.”  Even though I own all but 2 of these on DVD and am recording each week’s episode, my kids know that unless there is blood or vomit coming out of them that I am not to be disturbed beginning at 8:00 each Sunday night (besides, Daddy is here to take care of things – even blood and vomit).  It is what I look forward to all week long! 


Thanks to my friend Julie for alerting me to the schedule and to my friend Lori for our weekly phone calls after each episode where we critique and gush… I mean discuss.

P.S.  A wonderful version of “Jane Eyre” was broadcast over New Year’s weekend.  Lori and I were watching in the wee hours of the morning.  I purchased the DVD and it is so good.



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