Today was one of those days in Arkansas:  the forecast was calling for a chance of “wintry precipitation” and everyone goes berserk.  Even the local weatherman has a “Panic-o-meter” which ranges from doing nothing to “milk & bread” to something like staying home.  He’s tongue-in-cheek with it, and it’s pretty funny.  Anyway, this morning it was cloudy and cold, but nothing had happened.  Then around 10:00 the snow/ice picked up and started really coming down.  That’s when my phone started ringing.  “Mom, we are getting out of school.  Can you come get us NOW?”  The cell network was so busy that you could hardly get a call out.  It was slightly slick, but it cracks me up how excited we in the south get over just a little wintry precip and other parts of the country function with multiple feet of snow on the ground all winter long.

Needless to say we are in now.  The kids played outside in the dusting that we got and have had hot chocolate.  They are watching a movie and I feel like a little nap.  It’s not a bad way to spend an afternoon, I guess.  Maybe it will freeze tonight and give us a day off tomorrow.  I have a new “Jane Eyre” DVD…


One thought on “Snow(?) Day

  1. Fun! We got about 4 inches of snow last night, but sadly, no snow day. Enjoy it while it lasts, and maybe you’ll even get a 3-day weekend!

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