cinderellas-castle-google.jpgcinderellas-castle-google.jpgcinderellas-castle-google.jpgcinderellas-castle-google.jpgWell, we finally booked our trip to Disney World and we couldn’t be more excited!  We have waited a long time to do this because we were always having babies (and I wasn’t going to spend my time at DW changing diapers).  The kids really wanted to fly,  so we are flying down and staying in the park.  We are even paying allowances (at least partially) in Disney Dollars so the kids can save their own spending money.  With everyone being older, we figured the time to go was now.  It’s been hitting us hard that Nate has only 5 more years before he is out of high school and we want to do some of the bigger things we couldn’t do when someone in the family was still too little.  All this to say that we are counting the days until our trip!  The “Year of a Million Dreams” continues there this year, so who knows…


One thought on ““To Infinity, and Beyond!”

  1. We went last year it was a blast. We stayed at DW and also did the Disney dining plan which is the way to go. Call me if you have any questions. All I can say is do your homework!

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