ball-johnson-families-zoo.jpgball-johnson-families-zoo.jpgnate-ben-zoo.jpgnate-ben-zoo.jpgball-johnson-families-zoo.jpgball-johnson-families-zoo.jpgWhat started as a friendship between two couples over 12 years ago has blossomed into a wonderful group of ten!  We met Michael & Lori when they moved to our town and neither of us had children.  Nate & Ben were born within weeks of each other and they were little buddies from day one.  Here we are, all these years later.  They have been dear friends to us and our kids all love each other and enjoy their time together – they immediately pair off the minute we are all together.  This weekend we enjoyed a day at the Memphis zoo.  We have walked with each other through many moves (theirs), house remodels (mostly theirs and a little ours), and the deep pain of our daughter’s death, miscarriages for us both, and countless other trials and changes of life.  We treasure their friendship more as each year passes, and we four intend to have some serious fun together when the kids are grown!

kids-snake-zoo.jpg     snake-touching.jpg


Lifelong friends!


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