pea-picking-2.jpgpea-picking-2.jpgWe’ve been doing summer stuff around here.  We are fortunate to have my grandpa’s garden for fresh, homegrown veggies for summer and to “put up,” as we say in the south, for winter.  The kids and I recently went to Grandpa’s to pick purple-hull peas.  The kids did well–bringing back my own memories of picking and shelling peas, leaving that beautiful purple stain on your fingertips.  My new manicure took a beating that day!

For the 4th we traveled to Nashville to visit Robbie’s brother and his wife, along with my cousin and her husband.  We had a good time watching fireworks over the river downtown.  nville-firewks.jpgnville-firewks.jpgnville-firewks.jpg

sweet-n-sassy-1.jpgBetsy enjoyed her own mani-pedi at a cute place called “Sweet and Sassy” which is especially for little girls. sweet-n-sassy-2.jpgsweet-n-sassy-2.jpgsweet-n-sassy-2.jpgsweet-n-sassy-2.jpg

sweet-n-sassy-2.jpg                                                                      sweet-n-sassy-3.jpg

Only a few more weeks of summer left–it goes by so fast.


2 thoughts on “Pea Pickin’ and the 4th in Music City

  1. Hello sweet Betsy Bug! I see you are having a fun summer! I have heard about Sweet and Sassy and I bet you loved having your nails done. I think about you often and I miss you!
    Mrs. Candace

  2. Hey, have you told Melissa that place for kids? It’s in Nashville, right? That would be good for Grace if it is. Also, what’s the deal with the kids picking beans? Isn’t that pushing the “Child Labor Law?”

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