abby-photos-01.jpgabby-photos-01.jpgabby-photos-01.jpg9 years ago today our precious baby girl, Abigail Grace Johnson, ended her brave struggle with a very sick little heart.  It is so hard to believe that 9 years have come and gone since we last held her and looked at her beautiful little face.  Does time heal?  Time eases pain, but it is God who heals through His grace, mercy and strength.  Robbie & I often look at our 3 surviving kids as they grow and change and wonder aloud what Abby would look like, what her personality would be, and honestly, how sick she would be.  Had she survived her setbacks she would have been placed on a transplant list.  Would I have wanted someone else to lose their precious baby so that mine could live?  That’s a question I’ve struggled with over the years, not wishing this suffering on anyone else.  One thing I don’t struggle with is this:  God is sovereign and His plan is perfect.  I don’t understand His ways and I don’t see this life from an eternal perspective as He does.  I will rest in His control and rejoice in His promise that the eternity we will spend with our sweet girl will eclipse this vapor of time we will spend without her on earth. 

Many others close to us have walked this journey.  Pray for parents whose children have preceded them to Heaven.  When you make vows of “til death do us part” you don’t expect death to part you from any of your children.  It changes you forever–the way you go about each day of your life after that.  Without my Savior and His word, my amazing husband, and my loving family and friends I wouldn’t be here today.


“O Death, where is your victory? O Death, where is your sting?” 1 Corinthians 15:55


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