6th-grade-grad.jpgWow, the end of the school year has been a busy one for the Johnson crew!  We have been swimming, hiking, parading, and graduating.  (Yeah for Nate and Stephen making 6th and 2nd grade honor roll!) It’s been fun but we are ready for some summer down time.

Here are some pictures from swim parties, 6th grade graduation, Stephen’s 8th birthday and Memorial Day.  6th-grade-swim.jpgThe mountain pictures are on beautiful Petit Jean mountain in Northwest Arkansas.  We went with our best friends, the Ball family, with whom we always have a blast.  We went “geocaching” which was too cool.  With a GPS device you can find coordinates to things hidden all over the world.  The key is that you leave the container and replace what’s inside with something of equal value.  Go to www.geocaching.com for more details.  Our family is hooked on it!  Happy Summer!










One thought on “End of the School Year Fun

  1. What a sweet family. Your kids are CUTE!!! I also loved your tribute to Abby. Her short little life definitely did have an impact on us all!

    Today is our last day of school. I can’t believe next year I’ll have a 7th and 5th grader. Where did time go? I keep waiting for that day when I’ll “grow up” and feel like a bona fide “adult”. The funny thing is….the students we’ll get in this Fall on campus were born my Junior year of College!

    My niece, Jessica, will be headed to Ouachita this Fall, too. That just seems unbelievable to me.

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