vine.jpgFinally it seems that Spring has arrived – I love it!  When the flowers bloom and trees begin putting on new leaves it gives me fresh energy and drives me straight outside.maple-leaves.jpgBetsy and I spent a recent day working on the patio.  My patio is my space – it’s not as fancy and perfect as what you see most places these days, but I love it.  I read, nap, sun and just think out there, listening to the birds singing and the wind blowing. flowers.jpg

Last year we bought patio lights with big, clear bulbs and strung them from our big tree to the house, hanging over the patio like a canopy.  I love to light the lights and candles.  Robbie and I often have dates out there with dinner and music.  I even had my Bunko group dinner outside last year under the lights. 

This year I hung an old window (thanks, Michelle) outside from the dogwood tree next to the patio.  The lights are going up next weekend and it’ll be so pretty at night!window1.jpg

There’s something about living in an old house downtown that speaks to me.  There’s a character and charm that I just love.  We even remodeled the inside (can’t afford the outside yet) a couple of years ago to restore some of the old feeling to our pre -WWI house, right down to the orginal wood floors.  Sometime I’ll post a great story told to us by a woman whose grandfather lived in this house.  If these walls could speak…mailbox-flowers.jpg living-room.jpg

dining.jpg sink.jpg

stove.jpg island.jpg


2 thoughts on “Spring Has Finally Sprung!

  1. I love the window in the tree! It looks great. All these pictures are great. You told me about the window and I knew it would be cute, but the pictures of it are awesome. A window in a tree only works in an old house!

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