le-le.jpgWow, where do I begin?  We’ve been so busy the last week.  All that and our home laptop had to be sent away for repairs, so I couldn’t post pictures from Rob’s work laptop because it wouldn’t load the software for the new camera.  

So, all that to say polar-kids.jpgwe’ve been on china-kids.jpgSpring Break, visited the zoo and had a family wedding all in one week.  We had a great time.  Each year we go to the zoo to mark our sweet Abby’s birthday, March 22nd.  It usually falls during Spring Break so we try to make it a fun day and do what she would have enjoyed doing with us.  We all had  a great time.betsy-polar.jpg

On March 24, my baby cousin Greg got married in Nashville.  Betsy was the flower girl and soaked up every ounce of the spotlight.  She also danced herself silly at the reception.  It is so fun to watch a 4 year-old do the electric slide!  Enjoy…betsy-bride.jpggreg-betsy-davidson.jpgbetsy-flowers.jpgbetsy-window.jpg



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