abby-photos-04.jpgabby-photos-01.jpgToday is our daughter’s birthday.  Abby would be turning 9 years old.  It has been a paradoxical 9 years – both painful and healing.  Abby came into this world with an unexpected heart defect.  She was whisked away by helicopter to Arkansas Children’s Hospital, where she underwent treatments that although were necessary and done with such care, were more than anyone should have to bear.  Abby taught us so much.  She taught us how this life truly is a vapor and that each day counts.  She taught us about the love our Heavenly Father has for His children in sending His very own son to die on our behalf.  I would never do that.  Abby taught us that the measure of a life is not in days on the earth, but in how they are lived.  I kabby-photos-03.jpgnow she wasn’t aware of what a trooper she was and how we admired her tenacity and strength.  She was just one of God’s precious creations whose days were numbered less then we would have hoped, but had a life filled with more impact than most ever will. 

 abby-photos-02.jpgHow we miss her.  These 9 years have made the pain more bearable, but not taken it away.  God has blessed us with 2 more children in addition to our oldest, Nate, but Abby’s place in our hearts is forever hers.  She is our hero.  How we anxiously await the day when our “faith becomes sight” and we not only greet our Lord and Savior, but reunite with our precious girl, never to be separated again. abby-photos-05.jpg

“For our citizenship is in Heaven, from which we also await eagerly a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.”  Phillipians 3:20 NASV


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