fat-floyd.JPGA few of my readers have asked for a picture of the cat, Floyd.  To give you some background, he wandered up to our house about a year ago in August.  He was skin and bones, but very friendly.  Robbie hates cats, but I grew up with them and like them (one at a time, of course–I’m not a weird cat lady).  Because he was so friendly, I thought for sure he would find his way back home.  He didn’t leave, so I fed him, knowing full well he probably would never leave after that.  Little by little, he has found his way into our family and our hearts.  Robbie thinks he’s really a dog in a cat’s body–he loves to be around us.   If the kids are playing outside, he’ll flop down in the grass right where they are.  If we are saying bedtime prayers upstairs, there he comes to sit in someone’s lap.  When Rob travels it is nice to have some company at the foot of my bed. 

If you are wondering where his name came from, he is named after Floyd Landis, the Tour de France champ of 2006 who is still trying to clear the allegations of doping.  We are avid cycling fans in our house, and we believe in Floyd and hope to see him defend his title and clear his name come July.  Anyway, there you have the story of the big, fat kitty named Floyd that we love!

Dog theology:  “You feed me, take care of me–you must be God!”

Cat theology:  “You feed me, take care of me–I must be God!”


2 thoughts on “Fat Floyd

  1. I think you need to video Floyd with Scotch tape on the bottom of his feet. It will be a great learning experience for Floyd and the kids. Then you need to post it on your blog.

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