snowday-4.JPGToday is a snow day around here.  The snow started yesterday and came in fast & furious.  The kids and I risked it and still drove to the airport to pick up Dad.  It was weird.  From the edge of town until about 30 minutes down the road it was slow-going and then it was nothing.  We made it – if we had waited much longer we would’ve been snowed in at the Memphis airport.  Today we have been to the high school down the street where it is fun to play on the big hills.  Now we are in; eating comfort food and drinking hot chocolate.  Pretty fun stuff.snowday-2.JPGsnowangel-n.JPGsnowangel-s.JPGsnowangel-b.JPG


One thought on “Snow Day!

  1. Thanks for your help with the site meter. I have added it to one site. Call me and I will walk you through making your pics larger. -Mel

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