skip-kirk-cameron.jpgskip-big-mac.jpgOur good friend Skip recently traveled to California on business.  While there he stayed with a friend who works for Grace To You, the teaching ministry of John MacArthur.  Skip visited the services at Grace Community Church which MacArthur pastors.  After the service, someone came up to him and said, “Wasn’t that message awesome?”  Skip turned and replied, “It sure was–hey, you’re Kirk Cameron!”  Pretty cool that he met the guy that many a girl my age (including me) had huge crushes on throughout the 80’s.  Kirk is a devout follower of Christ and powerful witness for the gospel–you may have seen him presenting the gospel on TV on the program “The Way of the Master.”  Skip asked to take a picture so his wife would really believe he met him.


One thought on “Six Degrees of Separation

  1. Ha Ha. I love the title. Rob says that there are six degrees of seperation when it comes to the Johnson family too. I do believe it’s true.

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