sick-kid-cartoon.jpgWhy is it that just when my husband leaves town on business someone gets sick?  He (hubby) was sick last week really bad with some awful, gross-sounding stuff.  Just as he was getting better and leaving for 10 days, my oldest gets it – along with a 105 degree fever!  Now Baby Girl has it and is just pitiful and most upset because she has to miss preschool.  So far the middle son and I are safe, but it’s early in the game.  It also seems to be that Daddy’s meetings are in coastal, warm climates!  I’m in 30 degree weather with sick kids and he’s by the beach in California!  I know he’s not on vacation and wouldn’t be there without us if he didn’t have to be, I guess it’s just at this time of year I’m not sure I’ll make it until March~I think I have that Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Thank the Lord for the provision of parents who can and want to help me out during days like this.  In my quiet time this morning (before Betsy had to leave school due to fever) I was reminded to thank God for the little provisions He makes for me everyday.  In Genesis 24, Abraham’s servant meets Rebekah and is waiting to see if, indeed, she is the answer to his prayer for God to lead him to Isaac’s future bride.  He is reflecting on the fact that all the specifics he asked God for have so far happened~she is kin to Abraham, she is very beautiful, she was eager to water his camels along with him-a servant.  The author of my devotional points out that the servant must have been silently overwhelmed at how God had worked in these details of the situation.  The encouragement was to remember even the mundane, daily things into which God interjects His providence and acts on our behalf.  I needed to be reminded of that-even the “annoying interruptions” of daily life are God’s provision in some way for me.  I pray that I’ll remember this encouragment at 3:00 in the morning as I administer ibuprofen!


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